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Important information for parents during COVID-19 lockdown

Parents please read !!

Childcare from 20th July

Due to the relaxing of restrictions by government, childcare settings can welcome back more children from 20th July, this also includes holiday playschemes and out of school clubs also being allowed to re-open whether on a school site or not.

If you are a critical worker and need urgent childcare please contact our team at:

Advice and Guidance:

  • More information on schools and childcare settings re-opening from 20th July can be found on the government website
  • If you are looking for advice, guidance or help, related to Covid19 in Staffordshire please visit Staffordshire County Council's main website
  • Some childcare settings on this website may not re-open from 20th July

The Voice Project

Staffordshire County Council services

What is the Voice Project?

The Voice Project makes sure children, young people and families’ voices are heard.

We work with children, young people and families to make sure that their views and feedback are embedded into service review, planning and delivery.

We facilitate various groups. These include:

  • The Children in Care Council
  • Forums for children and young people

The team includes care leaver ambassadors. They support the work of the through care service on leaving care and preparation for independence.

The project delivers consultation, engagement and participation to services such as:

The project delivers training on communicating with children and young people.

We work with partnership organisations such as:

  • The police
  • Staffordshire Council for Voluntary Youth Services
  • Schools and colleges

Our aim is to best reflect the voice of children, young people and families.

Where can I get further information?

Please see our website page.

Who do I contact?

Please contact us:

Phone: 01785 253878

Who to contact

01785 253878
Last updated: 17 Jun 2020
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