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Children's Education Advisory Service - Ministry of Defence

Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) provides advice, support and guidance regarding the educational well-being of the children and young people belonging to families in all three services. Advice given is impartial, child-centred and focuses on the best interests of the individual.

The CEAS team is comprised of qualified teachers and experienced case advisors who can answer queries predominantly via email and telephone.

What we do?

The Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) is an information, advice and support service for families in the armed forces. If you are a parent in the armed forces and your child has special educational needs you are advised to register with the service so the team can make sure the needs of your child are met.

Who is it for?

Parents in the armed forces who have a child with special educational needs. A child must be resident with at least one parent who is currently serving in HM Armed Forces.

How do I access it?

Contact the service directly. CEAS maintains a register of service children who require special educational needs (SEN) support. If a Service child receives SEN support in schools and has been assessed by and/or benefits from provision made by a service or services external to his/her school in order for his/her SEN to be met more effectively then he/she should be registered with CEAS. In the case of those parents serving in the Army, the child must be registered with CEAS. Parents in other armed services who have children in these circumstances are strongly advised to register their children with CEAS.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Children's Education Advisory Service
Helpline: 01980 618244 or 94344 8244
Children's Education Advisory Service website
Last updated: 25 Mar 2021
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