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Direct Payments put you in control of the care and support you receive

If to remain living independently, you need social care (help with bathing, feeding or access to the local community for example) the council will means test those care needs. If they're deemed to be eligible, then you can choose to have those needs met by the council, or you can opt for Direct Payments.

If you want to remain independent and living at home, EnhamTrust can assist and advise you.

It can also help you plan the practical aspects of the support and care you are going to need.

What Enham Trust can do to support you?

Whether you’re a self-funder or whether you receive Direct Payments, we can answer your questions on organising your budget, interviewing, recruiting and managing your staff.

Our payroll and managed account services can help you feel in control of your finances.

We can research care and support options to help you make your decisions. We will also be able to advise you disability benefits; the living allowance (DLA); the personal independence payment (PIP); National Insurance and tax.

Self Funding Options for Direct Payments

If your financial assessment makes you ineligible for Direct Payments, Enham Trust can still offer you - as a self-funder - the same service, advice and guidance while you plan your care and support.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Enham Trust
08451 307 504
Enham Trust

Enham Trust charges are £26 per month including VAT.

You can find our our managed account direct payment agreement form under the downloads section to right of the screen.

Where to go

Enham Trust Head Office
Enham Place
Enham Alamein
SP11 6JS Get Directions (This link opens in a new tab)
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