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Autism Education Trust (AET) - Tools for Teachers & Schools Resources

The AET is a not for profit programme led by two national autism charities – the National Autistic Society and Ambitious about Autism. Established and supported by the Department for Education, the AET promotes and supports partnerships throughout the education system to improve educational access, experience and outcomes for children and young people with autism. Underpinned by current research into good education practice, the AET programme is structured around the three education phases – early years, school and post 16. Our core values are: person-centered, outcomes and process focussed, inclusive and accessible, evidence-based, high quality and working in partnership.

  • Tools for teachers can provide more details on making adjustments to the curriculum content for pupils on the autism spectrum. There is a small charge for this but it is available free when schools attend the Tier 2 or 3 training with the Autism Outreach Team
  • The AET schools resources have been specifically written in collaboration with consultant expertise in autism schools education. These are tools for self-evaluation, improvement planning and supporting young people’s development. Packed full of additional resources. These are free to download.  The AET materials for schools are presented as National Autism Standards (for whole school improvement) and Competencies (for individual teaching).  These frameworks are organised in to four themes: 1.The Individual Pupil; 2. Building Relationships; 3. Curriculum and Learning and 4. Enabling Environments. For further information refer to the AET website  or talk to a member of the Autism Outreach Team.


Last updated: 03 Dec 2020
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