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Changes Health and Wellbeing for mental health (Tamworth Borough)

The Changes Health & Wellbeing website is for those who wish to learn more about Changes user-led organisation and unique recovery service for those in mental distress.

The aim of Changes service is to provide an opportunity for those suffering from mental distress to move from isolation, withdrawal and dependency to becoming active and contributing members of their immediate and wider community.

Who uses Changes service? People experiencing various levels of mental distress, including: worry, feeling low, confusion, anxiety, panic, depression, mood swings, strange ideas or senses playing tricks.

How does Changes fit in with existing services? Very nicely!  Our programme is designed to complement any help you are receiving from other statutory or voluntary services.

Can Changes help me? Yes! Our service can help with any form of mental distress.  Provided you can attend and get involved you'll make progress.

Check out our website for details of our meeting, times and venues. 

We also offer volunteer roles and training 

Who to contact

Contact Name
01827 311 006
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