DeafnAble Ltd - Providing support for the hearing impaired across Stafford and Staffordshire

DeafnAble Ltd

There isn't anyone in Staffordshire who doesn't know someone who has lost or is losing their hearing. I have been wearing hearing aids for 20 years and I am passionate about all things to do with losing ones hearing, and more importantly how not to lose your hearing!

I run a lipreading class in the online, and have two members from Stafford

Classes are held on a Friday from 1030 am - 1230pm. 

If you have or you know someone who has lost some or all of their hearing, this is the course for you. A friendly comfortable environment to help you or help your friends manage their deafness. Find out what you could be entitled to and discover you are not alone.

I would like to help more than the 10 people who attend this classes.

Do you know what is available?

Do you know what you are entitled to?

Are you embarrassed by your deafness? Do you feel left out in social situations?

Do you find it difficult understanding what its like to lose your hearing?

Are you frustrated by the lack of empathy from everyone about your deafness?

I can help you!

Who to contact

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Owner of DeafnAble
01952763578 01952763578 07810524054 07810524054
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I have severe to profound hearing loss, with two tone tinnitus in both ears, and I have a hearing dog, Harley

To contact me please use facebook, email, twitter, text, telephone is a bit difficult at times!

Where to go

None at this time due to COVID, running a class on zoom AT THE MOMENT

A loop system will be provided

A Hearing Dog will be present at all times


£5 an hour  per hour
Coping with your deafness  per session
£5 an hour for Coping with Deafness through Lipreading seesions. Due to Covid these sessions are run on Zoom, I do not want to discourage anyone who has a hearing loss not to improve their lives, however I need to cover my costs


Referral required
Other notes

The Sessions have been running online throughout the pandemic and are likely to remain so till late spring 2022

DBS Checks

Have staff or volunteers been DBS (CRB) checked?


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