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Penderels Trust Appointeeship Service

Our service is open Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. excluding public holidays.

What is an Appointee?

An appointee is an organisation or person who has been appointed by DWP or a local authority to receive welfare benefits on behalf of someone who is unable to manage their financial affairs.  An appointee cannot be used simply because it is more convenient although it may be used if someone can manage their finances but is at risk of financial abuse and it is safer for someone else to manage their money.

The appointee is fully responsible for acting on behalf of the person for whom they are appointed in all dealings with DWP. This includes:

  • Claiming benefits
  • Identifying which benefits to claim and getting benefits advice
  • Completing and signing claim forms and providing additional evidence if required
  • Making renewal claims when they are due
  • Collecting benefits and managing the money in the person's best interests
  • Reporting changes in the person's circumstances such as change of address, changes in money situation, changes in who lives in the household or if the person goes into hospital.

Managing the Benefits

For the purpose of receiving the person's benefits, Penderels Trust set up a separate bank account to receive payments from DWP.  This account is separate to any other accounts.  Any expenditure from this account is checked and authorised as being for the person's benefit and in their best interests.

If the person is claiming means-tested benefits, Penderels Trust has to ensure the balance of money the person has in all accounts held in their name or on their behalf does not exceed the threshold at which benefits are reduced or stopped.  If the total money does exceed this amount, Penderels Trust will need to let DWP know as soon as possible.  For cases with Housing Benefit or Council Tax, this information is also shared with the local authority.

DWP can ask for details of how the money was spent. If so, the appointee has a duty to provide the information. In the cases of large purchases, such as furniture or holiday, receipts should be kept.  For larger sums of money, it is advisable to get DWP's approval before the purchase is made.  Penderels Trust reserves the right to not agree a purchase if they feel it is not in the person's best interest. or they are advised otherwise by DWP or the social worker.

Making Payments

Penderels Trust's role as appointee is to ensure all required bills are paid following the set up of a budget based on their incomings.  These bills include any rent/mortgage payments, council tax, plus regular household services such as utilities, TV licence, broadband, digital TV, mobile phone etc.  We are only able to arrange these payments when provided with the account details and amounts and if the individual is willing to consent to us discussing their account.

Payment of personal money is arranged based on the individual's personal circumstances.  This will be agreed in conjunction with the individual, their social worker or support worker in line with their budget and best interests.

Most of the people we support have a pre-payment card so that they have some money to use in shops and at the cashpoint machine.  This card is like a debit card and is topped up each week with the agreed amount.  We will not put extra money on the card or put the money on earlier than agreed unless it is an emergency and it is agreed as it costs extra money to do this.  We do not give people cash directly.

Service Levels

Penderels Trust's appointeeship service is offered at different levels depending on where the person lives (residential home or in the community) and how complex their financial situation is (if they are in debt or have a house to sell).  We can also support with Motability agreements and funeral planning if required.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Rachel Bradley
Contact Position
Service Manager
0121 707 1817
Penderels Trust Staffordshire

Where to go

Penderels Trust
Room G12, Fairgate House
205 Kings Road
West Midlands
B11 2AA Get Directions (This link opens in a new tab)

Our office is fully accessible with plenty of parking including disabled parking spaces. We also have an onsite cafe that visitors can use.

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
Community Basic Level (all legal requirements, 25 hours of support) £800 per year
Community Standard Level (as Basic plus 4 home visits and simple debt management, 35 hours of support) £1000 per year
Community Enhanced Level (as Standard plus 12 home visits, complex debt management, 50 hours of support) £1300 per year
Residential Basic Level (all legal requirements, 10 hours of support) £400 per year
Residential Enhanced Level (as Basic plus debt management, solicitor arrangements e.g. if selling house, 20 hours of support) £700 per year
Additional service: Management of one additional funding stream e.g. private pension £50 per year
Additional service: Management of two or more additional funding streams £100 per year
Additional service: Set up and/or ongoing management of Mobility Arrangement £250 per year
Additional service: Funeral planning and arrangements £25 per hour
Ad-hoc additional support £25 per hour
Service is Free


Referral required
Referral Details

All appointeeships must be approved by Department of Work & Pensions but you can self-refer or someone can make a referral on your behalf.  Please call us for more information.

Last updated: 16 Jun 2020
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