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Tamworth Games Group

Based in Tamworth, we're a dedicated group of individuals who meet every Wednesday for the purpose of playing wargames and similar dice/card based activities fo...r fun.

We meet in the Central Methodist Church in town at 5pm till 10pm. Entrance is only £1.50 (which pays for the room rental & insurance). Games played are very varied but you can usually organise a game on our group page.

We have been known to play all sorts, including Flames Of War, Warhammer & WH 40K, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, other RPGs etc. There's plenty of other games we dabble in. It's best to ask members what's currently hot right now.

So if you're interested we've games for all ages and plenty of different games going on at once so keep anyone entertained.

Who to contact

Tamworth Games Group

Where to go

Tamworth Central Methodist Church
B79 7DJ Get Directions (This link opens in a new tab)
Last updated: 06 Sep 2019
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