Everyone Health Stop Smoking Service - now Staffordshire wide and 18+ !

Staffordshire County Council

Current Stop Smoking Service

Our free service is available via the telephone and we offer free one to one support over the 12 weeks. Alongside the telephone support, we will post your free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to support your quit journey. Please contact us on 0333 005 0095 to take part or text QUIT to 60777.

Exciting news! - our service is now for those over 18 and living in Staffordshire!

Current Stop Smoking in Pregnancy Service

Our stop smoking in pregnancy service is also still available via the telephone for the pregnant lady. Alongside our tailored one to one calls from our stop smoking team, we will also post free NRT to support you on our programmes.

We are also excited to announce that we have extended our service to both the pregnant lady, or 6 months post pregnancy and those around her within the home.

We want to support a safer pregnancy and a smoke free home. If you're pregnant, a smoker, and live in Staffordshire - call 0333 005 0095 to speak to one of our advisors and get booked in. You and your household members are now all eligible for the service when you join. Or text QUIT to 60777.

We all know of the serious health risks that come with a smoking habit, as well as the sheer expense that smoking entails these days. Both of these are fairly compelling reasons for you to consider quitting, and we’re here to help.

Your local Stop Smoking service is designed to help you not just give up in the short term, but to quit smoking for good. Our specially-trained experts provide completely free advice, support and encouragement on how best to go about quitting smoking for good, something which studies show you’re four times more likely to do if you make use of both the specialist support and medication we offer.

They’re aware of all the difficulties you face when quitting and offer free one-to-one support. Your dedicated stop smoking advisor will put together a unique programme that’s been tailored to your needs. This includes advice on choosing a suitable stop smoking medication and information on how to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms, with support to make long term behaviour changes.

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