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*Online resource for Staffordshire carers - Carers UK

Staffordshire County Council services

Staffordshire County Council has teamed up with Carers UK to offer carers in our area a range of digital resources.

The Digital Resource for Carers includes:

  • e-Learning modules
  • factsheets
  • interactive guides
  • personalised support, and
  • information relating to areas such as health and wellbeing, financial planning, working and caring and support for caring
  • access to the Carers UK care co-ordination App, Jointly.  

Staffordshire carers can create an account and get free access to all the products and support resources by visiting and create a new account by using your free access code DGTL9462

Who to contact

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Carers UK Digital Resource for Carers
Carers Uk Digital Resource for Carers webpage

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Service is Free
Free access for Staffordshire Carers


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