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SEND Local Offer Annual Survey 2020

Thank you to all those that took time to complete our recent SEND Local Offer survey.  We will use this information to continue to review and improve our Local Offer. 


What we will do in response to your feedback

Your feedback matters


  • Continue to improve accessibility/navigation with mystery shoppers, parents, carers and young people.

  • Set up a page on the Local Offer explaining what it is and how to use it.  Offer training webinars for professionals and parents.

    Look into producing more video clips accessible to all.


Continue to promote to parents, young people, settings/practitioners via awareness talks, email and social media.

Service feedback

  • Send feedback on individual services to organisational leads and relevant working groups.

  • Analyse and contact commissioned/public services listings regarding pathways and to ensure contact details are readily accessible with latest referral forms included

Do you use or promote Staffordshire Connects SEND Local Offer?

Out of the 71 responses 63 people said yes, 8 people said no.


Of those that answered "yes", the top pages they accessed or found useful included:

  • Education: 38 people

  • Education Health and Care Plans and Needs Assessment: 38 people

  • Graduated Response – SEN support in settings: 25 people

  • Support Groups: 20 people

  • Places to go things to do: 19 people

  • Early Years and Childcare: 19 people

Graph of information


Of those that answered no, the reason for this was:

  • Not heard of it: 2 people

  • Don’t know how to use it: 2 people

  • Currently don’t have need for it:  1 person

  • Direct parents to it: 1 person.

How did you hear about the SEND Local Offer?

The top 5 ways people had heard about the SEND Local Offer was through:

  • Friend/parent/colleague: 22 people

  • Practitioner: 18 people

  • Internet: 12 people

  • Awareness talks: 12 people

  • Email: 8 people

Graph of information

Is there any other information you would like to see on the SEND Local Offer website or anything you would like to develop?

49% of the people who responded to this question stated there was no other information they would want on the Local Offer. 17% suggested they would want some further information.

The top 5 themes of those wanting further information included:

  • SEND activities:  regular/increase activities for children and young people with SEND and their families (3 people).

  • Referral Forms. Organisations to upload and refresh referral forms so that we know that the Local Offer is the place to get the most recent, up to date referral forms needed.  (2 people)

  • Contact details:  Easier to contact services within districts (2 people)

  • Search facility. Improve search facility (2 people).

  • Information:  Continue to add parent information booklets.  Look at simplifying or add video clip with Makaton to play alongside the pages. (2 people)

Is the information on the SEND Local Offer clear and easy to understand?

45% of the people who responded to this question stated they felt the information was very easy or fairly easy to access with 11% stating it was not very easy.

Those who said it was not very easy suggested the following would make it easier:

  • Search. Improve search functionality (2 persons).

  • Pathways.  Provide clear pathways (1 person)

  • Layout.  Front page with all options. (1 person).

  • Information.  More specific (1 person).

Is the information on the SEND Local Offer accurate and up to date?

92% of respondants said "yes" or "don't know".  8% said "no".

How helpful is the information on the website?

84% of the people who responded to this question said they found the information on the website very helpful or fairly helpful, 2% (1 person) stated they found it not helpful.

What do you like best about Staffordshire’s SEND Local Offer?

Summary of top 5 themes include:

  • Navigation:   easy to use and navigate. (14 people)

  • Layout:  being able to find everything in one place. (12 people).

  • Information:  informative and variety of information available. (12 people)

  • Information on particular sections:  
    • “I like the graduated response toolkit”,

    • “Link between offer and providers on the AP DPS”,

    • “I think there is a range of activities that are helpful and other links to further information ..”,

    • “information on activities and support groups”, accessing referral forms (total of 7 people).

  • Accessibility:  Accessible/easy to understand (3 people).

Is there anything you would change on the SEND Local Offer?

The majority of people who responded said they wouldn’t like to change anything on the Local Offer. 29% said they would.

Graph of information

Of those who said they would like to change something on the Local Offer, a summary of top themes included: 

  • Navigation/search facility:  easier to find things/search (9 people).

  • Information:  easy read/videos/more interactive (4 people).

  • Activities: more in our area/my child’s age (2 people).

  • Service/provider information: more specific/easier to contact within district (2 people

Would you like to be involved in shaping the SEND Local Offer in the future?

13 people said yes they would like to be involved in developing the SEND Local Offer.

Are you a parent, carer, child, young person or someone else who uses the SEND Local Offer?

Top 5 respondents identified themselves as:

  • Parent/carers
  • SEND/Education
  • Health
  • Social Care
  • School

Graph of information

Action Plan and update from last year’s 2019 user survey.

  • Feedback individual comments regarding provision or entries to individual commissioners/providers. We did:  all comments were fed back to individual commissioners/providers to inform the development of their local offer. 

  • Continue to contact registered providers on a three-monthly basis to review information held and ensure it is kept up to date and accurate. We did:  three monthly reminders are automatically sent to providers as a reminder to keep their information updated.  This appears to be working well, with a substantial increase in edited listings around the time the email is sent.

  • Continue to promote to parents, carers, children, young people and practitioners via established newsletters, emails, social media and at meetings as appropriate.  Provide training sessions on how to use the SEND Local Offer to parents, young people and practitioners via YouTube video and group sessions.  We did: we continue to promote the local offer via established newsletters/email. A SEND Local Offer Facebook page was set up in April 2019, following feedback received from parents.  This now has over 500 likes and over 600 followers.  31 awareness/training sessions were provided to parent groups and practitioners who support them during 2019. This is continuing into 2020.  Please email if you would like to book a session.   We are working with a local college to develop a promotional video explaining the SEND Local Offer and how to access it. 

  • Develop a mystery shopper scheme to further develop, test and review the SEND Local Offer.  We did:  A mystery shopper scheme was developed during a workshop session which included parents, carers, young people and practitioners.  Feedback of actions is available on our “You said, we did” page.

  • Work with user testers, mystery shoppers, authors and county commissioners to identify gaps in registered providers and look at accessibility of content.  Work with providers and partners to encourage registering and updating of information.  We did: this work is ongoing with feedback available on our You said, we did pages.  An Activities Task and Finish Group has been set up which includes looking at encouraging providers to register and update information on the activities they run which are accessible by children and young people with SEND.

  • Arrange a SEND Local Offer Advisory Group to oversee the Local Offer and plan focused workshops and engagement mechanisms around the county. We did:  A SEND Local Offer Sub Group has been set up and an action plan developed.More information on the work of the group can be found here

  • Explore forms library.  We did: a: a forms and templates library has now been developed with our policy library.