Children and Young People's Survey 2021

A big thank you to all the young people who took part in the recent survey and user testing sessions via the Voice Project, and SEND for our Voices.   It is much appreciated. 

A summary of all your feedback can be found below.  We have also made some recommendations, as a direct result of your feedback.

What we will do after this year's survey
  1. Work with children and young people on the Young Person's page to make it easier to access information.

  2. Look at activities that you couldn't find on the local offer and contact local providers to encourage them to add an inclusive listing.

  3. Work with children and young people to look at producing easier to understand information that is more visual. 

  4. Include a link to the support to get a job page in the Money Matters section too.

  5. Explore whether we can include more information when you hover over the Preparing for Adulthood image.  This could provide a summary of what the section covers.
Using the Local Offer Website, what can you find out? Can you find an activity near to where you live?


Very Easy 1
Easy  3
Normal (neither easy or hard)  3
Hard 2
Very Hard 1
Couldn't Find Any Of The Activities      0

Graph of this information


The majority of children and young people found it normal, easy or very easy to find activities.  Those who found it hard or very hard to find activities said:

  • "I should be able to book activities online myself".
  • "there are no photo clubs".
  • "too much reading"
What can you find about support to get a job?


Very Easy 0
Easy  2
Normal (neither easy or hard)  2
Hard 5
Very Hard 0
Couldn't Find Any Of The Activities      1

Graph of information



Those children and young people who found it hard to find support to get a job said:

  • "i couldn't find it as i thought i wanted jobs  but it was with another bit called  prepering for adulthood"
  • "would be easier if the pictures button was at the top of the page not all the writting and videos".
  • "there are no jobs advertised"
  • "symbols and pictures sound buttons would make it easier"
  • "Less buttons to click through

What do you like about the SEND Local Offer?


Easy to understand  1
Look and feel of the website  4
Social care section 1
Travel and transport 0
Preparation for adulthood 2
Extra help section 2
Easy to find information 1
Education section 3
Places to go, things to do section   4
Money matters section 0
Information and support section 1
Other 1

Graph of information


Most popular were:

  • Look and feel of the website
  • Places to go things to do section
  • Education section
If you were in charge of the SEND Local Offer website, what would you change?

8 responses received:

  • "less like an grown ups websites  make it more about children"
  • "I’d make it easier to find social care support for parents of sen children to be able to self refer online - most sen parents have high needs children with them all day"
  • "I would make the website more easy to read and gain just as much information."
  • "make it for children not grown ups"
  • "More direct access ie- not as many stages to go through"
  • "Nothing" 2 responses
  • "easier for everyone to access"
Do you have any other comments, suggestions or feedback that you would like to share with us?

No             6

Yes            4


  • "Information on EOTAS or Electively Home Educated would be of great help."
  • "Please keep doing what you are doing and make more children happy."
  • "been on better children websites"
  • "Website makes a lot of sense" 
What is your age?
Under 16    7
16-19 years 1
20-25 years       0

Graph of information:


Do you have a special educational need/disability? If yes, please select as appropriate
Communication and interaction needs     2
Cognition and Learning needs 5
Social emotional and mental health 2

Sensory and/or physical

Not sure 1
Other 2

Graph of information

What area do you live in?
East Staffs/Tamworth     0
Cannock/Lichfield 2
Newcastle/Moorlands 3
Stafford/South Staffs 5
Not sure 0

Graph of information

Where do you attend education?


College 0
Other 2

Graph of information:

What we did after the last survey
  1. Work with children and young people to look at producing easier to understand information that is more visual. 

    This is ongoing.  

  2. Look at producing a video with children and young people on how to use the website and who can help you to find the information you are looking for.

    A regional local offer video has been developed.  Children and young people had the opportunity to feed into the draft version, which is now being finalised.
  3. Add a direct link to the visual impairment service on the Education and Extra Help pages.

    This has been done.

  4. Add information on subjects that children and young people would like more information on, such as finding a job.

    A new page has been set up with information on who can help to find a job.  This has been user tested by children and young people to see if any changes need to be made.

  5. Research and test readers.

    A new accessibility bar has been added to the website. Clicking on the Speak button at the top of the website on your PC or tablet opens up an accessibility toolbar.  This has many options to make it easier for you to access the local offer, including a reader.  You can choose the speed of the voice by going into the settings option.  You can also choose what language or English accent you prefer.  The accessibility bar includes a ruler, simplifying option, puts text into an audio file, and has its own picture dictionary.

  6. Develop a children and young people’s mystery shopping scheme.

    We have included this in our workshops/survey.


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