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Cyclist and Driver Safety

With darker mornings and evenings approaching, and the change in weather conditions, it’s more important than ever that both cyclists and drivers prepare themselves this Autumn and Winter and consider their own and other’s safety on the roads.  

Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership’s new campaign aims to educate both cyclists and drivers on road safety, to help reduce the number of collisions involving cyclists within Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

Cyclists: Be Safe – Be Seen

However you use your bike this Autumn and Winter, whether cycling to work or for weekend bike rides, it’s important to remember that the mornings and evenings are getting darker and the winter weather is on its way. By using lights on your bike and wearing high visibility / reflective clothing or accessories at all times, you give other road users a better chance of seeing you clearly, to protect yourself and them.

Be Safe – Be Seen

Take a look at some useful tips and advice on the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership website to help you improve your road safety and help drivers to see you more clearly.

Drivers: Be Safe – Give Space

Research shows that most collisions with cyclists happen during morning and evening rush hour times. And this is no surprise. Traffic is increased during this time, you may be rushing to get to or from work and that cyclist in front of you is slowing you, and the drivers behind you down.

When overtaking cyclists, the Highway Code states that you should leave at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car. You should allow at least 1.5m passing distance when travelling at 30mph -more at higher speeds. This helps protect you and other road users.

Be Safe - Give Space

Take a look at some useful tips and advice on the Staffordshire Safer Roads website to learn how to drive safely when sharing the road with cyclists, particularly during busier periods.